When her ability to birth a legacy is ripped away,
can she rise above suffering and forge a new path?


“At the end of the story, readers find a character of remarkable strength and empathy.”

—Kirkus Reviews

About Linda

Linda Habib was born and raised on the island of Manhattan, the setting of her debut novel. After teaching English in New York City public high schools for more than thirty years, she retired to an island in Florida with her Shih Tzu, Genghis Khan. Her children maintain her connection with Manhattan.

About Against the Glass

New York City, 1966. Nineteen-year-old Candy Krzyzanowski believes she can have both marriage and a career. But she falls in love and becomes pregnant, only to be devastated when the father, a local football hero, strong-arms her into an illegal abortion. And when the dangerous procedure leads to an emergency hysterectomy, she wakes up barren and abandoned.


Behind the Scenes

January, the first month of the Gregorian calendar, the calendar we use, is named for the ancient Roman god, Janus. The Romans minted coins in his honor, as we honor people today with stamps and coins.

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